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    Why Did The Sea Lion Cross The Road?

    17 seals answer the age-old question.

    First, the video that sparked the whole debate

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    1. To have her cake and eat it too

    2. To get in a good laugh

    3. To try on some new shades

    4. To find her mom

    5. To contemplate the meaning of life

    6. To get a quick dinner

    7. To snuggle with her husband

    8. To go to this birthday party, hosted by this dog

    9. To retrieve her frisbee

    10. To get to her art class

    11. To meet up with her best friend, Thomas

    12. To poop with/around Allison Williams

    13. To give an inspirational speech

    14. To go to a nice art gallery

    15. To have a political debate

    16. To compliment you on your wonderful style

    17. To meet Snoop Dogg (obviously the correct answer)

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