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What Guinea Pigs Have Been Up To This Year

Guinea Pigs have been keeping themselves busy in 2013. These piggies will make you feel bad about not keeping to your own New Year's resolutions.

First, they celebrated the New Year in style.

Then Charlie won his Sumo Wrestling competition.

Sawyer and Linus have taken a few road trips.

This one's been brushing up on his paleontology.

Sawyer, Charlie and Miles make sure to meet weekly at their fav. Pigzeria.

These two found the "Peas in a Pod" kind of love.

Sawyer went on Safari.

Lemoney learned to fly.

Charlie destroyed a city.

Lemoney is inching closer to her culinary degree.

Sawyer and Hurley went on a romantic balloon ride!

Linus is getting great at yodeling.

Charlie's been keepin' the chickens in check.

Sawyer dressed up as a bear and successfully ate 3 picnics.

Charlie and Sawyer joined the circus.

Charley and Hurley started their own Pig-friendly Gnome Village.

Sawyer has been refining his life guarding techniques.

One things for sure, the adventure doesn't end for these guinea pigs!