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    24 Times Dogs Were Too Good For Us

    What did we ever do to deserve dogs?

    1. When this absolute gem of a creature inspired us to taste the rainbow:

    2. And when this guy reminded us that sometimes it's OK to take the easy way.

    3. This fireman who pulled his weight and inspired everyone else to try harder.

    4. This absolute delight.

    5. When this dog was just the most lovable goober.

    6. When this dog was happy and she knew it so she smiled REAL big!

    7. When this pup reminded us all to just enjoy the moment.

    8. When this pup just popped in to say hey! Hello!

    9. And when this one enjoyed a nice sea breeze.

    10. When this lady reminded everyone, "It's just a game! relax!"

    11. When this dog unashamedly proclaimed his love for pizza.

    12. When this dog didn't care about species norms and embraced his cat side.

    13. And when this dog knew you weren't looking forward to all your meetings today so he greeted you with a huge smile.

    14. When this dog knew exactly how to color this book but waited patiently for his human to figure it out himself.

    15. When this dog got protective over his sleeping beauty.

    16. When this pup was brave enough to be goofy.

    17. And when this dog was so proud of his owner for opening up his own repair shop.

    18. When this dog danced with his own shadow.

    19. And when this dog didn't care what anyone thought, he was going to sing to his heart's content.

    20. When this dog proved you can make anything into a hot tub if you just believe.

    21. And this one who believes in magic, fairy tales and tea parties with her bestie.

    22. These two who know the key to having a great time is bein' silly with the person you love the most.

    23. When this dog (or any dog) let their human be the little spoon.

    24. And when this little angel baby floated into our hearts and kept summer alive.

    honestly what did we do to deserve dogs they are too pure for this world

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