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    What Americans Really Think About The Rest Of The World

    From the creator of the The Atlas Of Prejudice comes maps of the world according to stereotypical American prejudices. Equal parts funny and sad, these maps also give insight on how the rest of the world views U.S. Americans.

    Here's a look at the entire world:

    Looks like we still haven't gotten over the Cold War or the movie Borat.

    Ah yes, the good ol' Malibu Ocean.

    Basically, South America sounds like a TLC line up.

    Obama's birthplace and Osama's grave right near each other? Coincidence, these Americans think not.

    Basically, the Caribbean is a bunch of themed parties.

    It's true, when I visit Australia, I expect to get picked up from the airport by a croc wearing man riding a kangaroo.

    And of course, what we think of ourselves:

    All work published with permission from the artist.

    Get a copy of Yanko's book here and check out more of his work here!