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52 Cute Photos To Look At Instead Of Your Awkward Family On Thanksgiving

Everyone needs a strong dose of cute to get through the holiday season.

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As wonderful as Thanksgiving can be, it can get a little ~overwhelming~. Here are 52 pictures to get through those moments.


7. This new pop (pup) band who's here to take over your iTunes by ~WiNtEr StOrM.~

9. And this one doing the same with a little more bounce.

21. This kitten learning to play "Heart and Soul".

24. This tiny delight living his best life.

25. This corgi who got festive for Christmas on November 1st.

26. This guy, who's not really into sharing, but he'll make an exception.

27. This world-class balancing act.

28. These goofballs practicing their selfie faces.

30. This adorably annoyed lion.

31. These friggin' excellent brunchers.


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