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52 Cute Photos To Look At Instead Of Your Awkward Family On Thanksgiving

Everyone needs a strong dose of cute to get through the holiday season.

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As wonderful as Thanksgiving can be, it can get a little ~overwhelming~. Here are 52 pictures to get through those moments.

1. These two goats who want you to take a deep breath in and relax this holiday season.

2. This orphaned Brushtail Possum with a cutie little smile.

3. This very handsome bee-ver.

4. This adorable couple.

5. This pup who has the most magnificent ears in the universe.

6. This little husky who thinks he's a cat.

7. This new pop (pup) band who's here to take over your iTunes by ~WiNtEr StOrM.~

8. This doggy experiencing snow for the first time.

9. And this one doing the same with a little more bounce.

10. This kitten watching the "Aristocats"

11. This little kitten giving his human the kisses she needs.

12. This dog who just birthed a kitten.

13. This Shiba who really enjoys listening to your problems, really.

14. This kitten who has her own little bed.

15. This elephant who hasn't quite figured out this whole trunk thing.

16. Still feeling awkward? Pretend you're this girl living the dream.

17. This pig relaxing with these teeny tiny ducklings.

18. This goat trying to teach his puppy bros how to "goat".

19. This cat who's actions reflect what you wish you could do to some of your relatives.

20. This smiling duo.

21. This kitten learning to play "Heart and Soul".

22. This bunny who also had to take a little break from Thanksgiving dinner.

23. This cat's selfie with this horse.

24. This tiny delight living his best life.

25. This corgi who got festive for Christmas on November 1st.

26. This guy, who's not really into sharing, but he'll make an exception.

27. This world-class balancing act.

28. These goofballs practicing their selfie faces.

29. These two dudes, just chillaxin' it up.

30. This adorably annoyed lion.

31. These friggin' excellent brunchers.

32. This dog who is super stoked about his new kitten.

33. This little guy who is just so HAPPY! TO! BE! HERE!

34. This manatee who likes to lunch on-the-go.

35. This weird cow.

36. This kitten who has a very important announcement to make!

37. This teensy weensy giraffe.

38. Looks like you need something more..oh yes, this. lil. stomper.


40. This dude who's already waiting for Thanksgiving leftovers.

41. This pro-smoocher, giving out some choice smooches.

42. This hedgehog dressed as Dracula.

43. This piglet who's got some very important digging to do.

44. This kitten who believes in living the most majestic life possible.

45. This corgi stampede.

46. This superb snowman whisperer.

47. This busy receptionist.

48. This sweet kangaroo kiss.

49. This stylish little girl.

50. This dude who's almost outgrown his fancy sweater.

51. This bulldog who is REALLY enjoying his yummy popsicle and wants you to get back to enjoying your awkward Thanksgiving!

52. BYE!!

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