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27 Ways The Capybara Is The Life Of The Party

It's like if a moose met a hamster who met a dog and they all mated to create this beautiful, beautiful life of the party.

1. We should all know by now how just generally smart and talented capybaras are...

2. ...and just how adorable they are.

3. But did you know they are actually the life of the* party?

4. Well, you should know.

5. They'll join in whatever party activities — no matter how strange they are.

6. Even if other guests are rude to them at first...

7. ...they do their best to forgive.

8. They're extremely affectionate but don't go too far with the PDA.

9. While they can be shy and try to stick to their own kind...

10. ...they eventually break out and make friends with everyone, no matter what they're made of.

11. They're messy eaters but they have a good sense of humor about it, putting more bashful eaters at ease.

12. They're comfortable at pool parties.

13. Even when they're the first ones in.

14. Parents come home early? They know how to diffuse the situation pronto.

15. And if your party starts to get dull, they'll know just how to remedy the situation.

16. No toys? No problem. They have a few party tricks up their sleeves.

17. Handle their alcohol? You bet they can.

18. Plus, they can make a mean spiked watermelon.

19. Sure, sometimes they overdo it and need a ride home...

20. ...but most of the time, they're the designated driver, so give them a break, OK?

21. Look at this determination. He doesn't even like Rose and he's taking her drunk ass home.

22. He even pulled over for this drunk 'cause he was getting the spins.

23. If you're lucky, there will be multiple capybaras happy to make that last-minute beer run.

24. And if someone has their heart broken, a capybara is always up to taking a stroll outside just to sit and reflect.

25. Confetti? Doesn't love it, but she'll deal.

26. Basically, there ain't no party like a capybara party...

27. Mostly because capybaras know the best parties end in naps.