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    Watch The Epic Battle: Puppy Vs. Dandelion

    Ah, yes, finally: a break down of the final showdown between the puppy and the dandelion. Warning: this content is extremely violent okay for children to watch.

    1. Give it a fair warning.

    2. Drum to intimidate.

    3. Intimidate to the side to make sure your enemy sees you.

    4. Assess from all angles once more.

    5. If your enemy remains stoic, refusing to fight, you have no choice but to give it a swift smack down.

    6. If your enemy gets back up, strike again.

    7. Display what you're capable of by eating some of it's surroundings.

    In this case, the grass.

    8. If your enemy still has not set down his sword, you have no choice but to eat him.

    9. Make sure to spread it over your entire face, to warn future enemies.

    Watch the full tutorial here:

    View this video on YouTube

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