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13 Trees That Will Make You Say 'Dat Ass'

Big, big booty, these trees got a big booty.

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1. This seductive booty.

2. This supple rump.

3. These teeny buns.

4. This clenched tush.

5. This shy fanny.

6. This twerkin' tushy.

7. This droopy derriere.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 43032843@N03

8. This high heinie.

Compfight / Flickr: 31329193@N00

9. This flapjack sneak peak.

10. These jolly green buns.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 98397342@N00

11. This peach-bottomed gal.

12. This bonsaied ass ready for action.

13. ~Nice~.

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