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7 Ways You Can Get Through The Holidays

Take a deep breath and pour that wine.

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Holidays are always rough but this year, tensions may be at an all-time high. So here are some simple ways you can get through:

1. If there's a puppy around, find it and make him your best friend.

2. No puppy around and your family keeps asking what you're doing with your life? Pull out this baby and dare them not to smile:

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3. Or this one!

4. Grandma say she doesn't care about a hamster eating a piece of popcorn (WTF?) and wants to know when you're getting married? BRING OUT THE BABY VIDEOS:

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5. If your can't be subdued by cute animal videos: go to your nearest room, find a pillow, and scream it out.

6. That didn't work? Play your favorite holiday song as loudly as possible and DANCE IT OUT for a couple minutes.

Good luck out there, everyone!

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