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    22 Capybaras Bein' So Fancy

    You (should) already know.

    1. Pedro who keeps to his rule of at least 5 helpers getting him prim and proper before heading out for the day.

    2. Massages? Part of a normal routine.

    3. Samson brings patriot to a new, classier level.

    4. Yeah, Teresa had diving lessons. So fancy.

    5. If you aren't showering in a waterfall, you're doing it wrong.

    6. Here's Leonardo munching on some supreme watermelon.

    7. Only fancy persons have fancy creature accessories.

    8. Oh my, the decadence Darnell brings to a simple scarf.

    9. And Sandra! So posh bringing in the New Year.

    10. Every capybara has a bird therapist/hair stylist as displayed by majestic Michaela.

    11. Oh yes, Gari is sure to keep his svelt figure with his personal trainer.

    12. Gari ensures her fitness with a dietician always on call.

    13. Cheesecake's been drinkin' watermelon.

    14. And literally calls everyone to the yard.

    15. Literally nothing says luxury like a single gloved nap in the sun.

    16. Yep.

    17. Summer without popsicles is basically no summer at all, according to Herman the capybara.

    18. When it comes to aromatherapy baths, it's not a question of "if" and more of a question of "when".

    19. What, you never just wanted to wear a bunch of petals?

    20. More scarf brilliance by the adorable Peter.

    21. And hors d'oevres must always be served on a whimsical log.

    22. Number one fancy rule: always get the seat with your back to the wall for power and general mystique.