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    7 Times Alex The Parrot Was A Badass

    If the bird asked for banana, you gave him a damn banana.

    1. Alex the Parrot is known as the only nonhuman who has asked an existential question.

    Gerald Davis / GERALD DAVIS/REX USA

    When learning colors, Alex asked the scientists, "What Color Am I?"

    2. He called apples “banery’s” because he DGAF.

    Gerald Davis / GERALD DAVIS/REX USA

    Seriously though, a linguist thought it was a combination of 'cherry' and 'banana' which is pretty cool.

    3. When he wanted a banana and he got a nut instead, he would SPEAK UP ABOUT IT.

    Gerald Davis / GERALD DAVIS/REX USA

    Occasionally, he would go as far as throw the nut AT the researcher and then request a banana again.

    4. If Alex decided he was done with taking tests for the day, he would demand, “wanna go back”.

    5. When a researcher acted upset, Alex would apologize to calm them down.

    Gerald Davis / GERALD DAVIS/REX USA

    Sure, he didn't know why he was saying sorry but plenty of humans use the same tactic without knowing what's wrong.

    6. When he was bored, he would let you know.

    Given a test of colors and numbers using blocks, Alex was asked which color had three. He said "five!" over and over until the researcher asked what color had five. Alex snarkily replied "None."

    7. His last words to Dr Pepperberg were “You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you."

    Gerald Davis / GERALD DAVIS/REX USA

    The ultimate mic drop of them all.

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