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This Unexpected Friendship Between Meerkats And A Photographer Will Brighten Your Day


This is Will, photographer and friend of wild meerkats.

He travelled to Botswana to photograph these adorable creatures this year...

...where he befriended them and showed them a thing or two about photography.

"These meerkats are completely wild but they have learned humans are not a threat so they allow us get really close to them," Will notes.

They also use him as a very useful lookout post, which is extremely handy for the very short meerkats.

When reached for comment, the meerkat said "Will is pretty cool, he makes me feel glamorous and I appreciate he teaches me the trade."

The trust Will has built with these beauties really shows in his work...

He's known these 3 week old baby meerkats since they first came out of the den...

...since he's always been part of their lives above ground, they have gotten quite used to him... used to him, that they've "taken a few liberties" like taking over his camera for a change.

The best part? They know they will always have each other's backs.

Watch the video here:

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For more meerkat buzz, you can check out Will's facebook, Instagram or twitter