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    This Tumblr Demonstrates How Corgis Will Take Over The World

    Begging never looked so good.

    This is Io. He's so good at begging, he has a Tumblr devoted to it.

    This is pretty much how it goes down...

    He includes his friend's top-notch beggin' work as well. This is Otis.

    Otis, completing step one of "staring at owner," successfully shows step two of "looking intensely at object of desire."

    He is usually this successful but it took years of work.

    Io includes corgis going after something other than food...

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    There is more to begging than just getting the food/tummy rub at hand...

    It is about overcoming obstacles, even when it seems impossible.

    It is about not fearing the unknown, confident there is usually something glorious inside the can.

    Lastly, it is about knowing there is power in numbers.

    Pretty soon, the world will look like this...

    Corgis will take over, one Froot Loop.... chicken... plate of whipped cream at a time.

    One day, these beggin' eyes will rule the world.