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    This Griffon Had An Epic Beach Birthday Party And Yes, You Should Be Jealous

    Only the cool get invited to Digby Van Winkle's birthday party.

    Mr. Winkle turned 2 which is pretty exciting...

    In true "cool" fashion, he was late to the party. His brother took care of the guests, of course.

    Pugs came wearing hats.

    BamBam even put on his best beach bow tie.

    The social scene was great, love connections were made.

    Alo, Digby's bro, entertained guests as they awaited the man of the evening...

    Finally, an announcement was made: Digby would be arriving in a matter of SECONDS

    And then...the birthday boy came in, blowing away many with his birthday beauty.

    He was humble about it but he knew he looked great.

    Everyone whispered about how great Digby looked.

    Digby, ever the gentleman, said 'hello' to all of his guests.

    He made sure to compliment his pug friend who had really toned up for the beach.

    Alo ate sand, as tribute.

    One pug sang Digby "Happy Birthday", which made him a bit self-conscious.

    Best of all, Digby got to run...

    ...and get his butt sniffed.

    ...and be one with nature...

    He got to hang with his brother...

    ...and loved watching all his friend groups get along.

    There was even dancing!

    And a birthday stick!

    Even the sternest of critics thought the party was a success.

    Guests never wanted to leave.

    Overall, Digby couldn't have been happier with his Birthday Party.

    Happy Birthday, ol' champ!

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