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13 Pictures Of The Best Animal Squad Of All Time

Further proof that Golden Retrievers are the BEST.

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1. This is Bob. He is a very important leader of a VERY important squad.

2. His squad includes 8 birds...

4. They're an enviably adorable bunch...

5. ...but they're still very relatable.

6. Like Bob just GETS the awkwardness when two of your friends start dating and you're just trying to ignore their PDA:

7. Or when you're the DD for said friends:

8. When you wave to your friend and they don't see you and you try desperately to act cool:

9. Or when you get a little too tipsy and have to get dragged home:

10. When you make a butt of yourself but your friends stay with you and make sure you get enough water:

11. When you're working out with your friend and you REALLY want to help them with that pull-up but you know you can't:

12. When your friends still want to party but you just want to go home:

13. Basically, Bob's squad embodies all of our squad goals without being pretentious about it, ya know?

BuzzFeed has reached out to Bob for comment.