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This dog’s butt predicted the Ikea monkey before the Ikea monkey happened

Best dog butt since the pug with Jesus back there.

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The internet has a history of finding dog butts that look like things. Or people. Take this pug, whose butt resembles Jesus.

And now, we have a new butt in town, and she resembles the Ikea monkey.

For the unfamiliar, the Ikea monkey gained worldwide fame after it was found wandering a Canada location of the store wearing a fur coat.


The butt belongs to the dog/artist Aaliyah, a 6-year old pup from Texas.

Of COURSE, this means that this butt has been around since before the Ikea monkey phenomenon of 2012. Which begs the question: had Aaliyah predicted what was to come and no one noticed?!?

Asked for answers, Aaliyah’s human told BuzzFeed: "She probably helped orchestrate the whole thing."


<3 Whatever the truth is, this butt is certainly a beautiful tribute to one of the internet's most iconic animals <3

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