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    Posted on Jan 29, 2015

    9 Disney Animals Who Could Get It

    Don't act like you didn't think about it.

    9. Scar

    I'm not saying you would be proud of it but I'm saying on the right night, this villain could get it. He's like your worst college mistakes. Would you tell your friends about it? No. Would you regret it? Probably. Will you have a great time? Absolutely.

    8. Meeko

    Disney / Via

    Listen, listen, listen. Meeko was a good raccoon and all but he was also a sly guy with a mischievous side. He loves biscuits of all varieties, but especially John Smith's so you know he's down for whatever.

    7. The Beast

    I'm not talking about the pretty boy prince he eventually turns into. I'm talking about the BEAST. Yeah, he's a little domineering but it could be fun for a one night role play situation.

    6. Pongo

    Pongo was a romantic. He's a great friend (HELLO, HE FOUND HIS BEST BRO A WIFE CAUSE HE WAS ALL "DUDE, STOP BEING SO DEPRESSING") and can shake that booty. Plus, boy had 101 kids so you know he's got to be packing something. 10/10 could get.

    5. Dodger

    We gotta talk about Dodger. He's the best of both worlds: he's a bad boy with a good heart. He eventually became friends with an adorable cat, he's a natural leader. Sure, he might make your Mama a little worried but too late, he's already charmed your pants off.

    4. Mufasa

    3. Tramp

    Yeah, he doesn't have much but he has a huge heart, and he has friends in the right places (UM HELLO, TONY'S RESTAURANT ANYONE?). He has a past but that just means he has some experience to use on the right Lady (get it?). He can roll his meatball towards me anytime.

    2. Simba

    Alright, Simba is obviously super high on this list of "can get". He went through his adolescent angst and really stepped up to the plate when he needed to. And honestly, everything about this scene should point you in the direction of "COME GET IT."

    1. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood, by nature, is a hot piece of fox tail. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor, I mean come ON. Couple that with his voice, smooth moves (honestly he's like the Clooney of the Disney animal world), and a whole lot of "je ne sais quoi' and you have anyone attracted to the male gender yelling "COME AND GET IT" like it's time for supper.

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