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21 Things You Only Understand If Your Dog Is Part Of Your Family

Who cares if he's a little hairier than everyone else?

1. A family portrait is incomplete without your pup.

2. And you definitely have photos or professional portraits around your house.

3. And everyone in the family has a camera roll proving who the favorite member is.

4. Your dog has a seat at your table.

5. And definitely takes up some room in your bed.

6. Although TBH this is the most ideal situation.

7. When they ask how many family members you have, people get confused when you say one extra as you count your dog.

8. You desperately wish your dog could text.

9. But when you're away from home and call, your mom puts you on the phone with them.

10. Or, if you're lucky, you get to video chat with them.

11. You celebrate their birthday.

12. And if you celebrate a holiday, they get their own gifts for that too.

13. You've definitely all dressed up together for Halloween.

Jon Premosch for BuzzFeed

14. They're always included in family game night.

15. If you ever had to choose between someone and your dog, the dog would always win. Because family comes first.

16. Basically, you and your dog just ~get~ each other.

17. They've been there for all the milestones.

18. And helped with some.

19. Sometimes you sass each other in a way only family can get away with.

20. But you know you always have each other's back.

21. Because nothing's stronger than family.

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