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    27 Things Procrastinators Are Really Good At

    Everything but that big project.

    1. Online shopping!

    2. Finally looking for that shoe you lost months ago!

    3. Cleaning up!

    4. Catching up/rewatching Harry Potter!

    5. Looking up what the moon is made out of!

    6. Calling your mom, your grandma, anyone you've been meaning to.

    7. Erm...alone time.

    8. Discovering how WEIRD things in your house are.

    9. Dancing!

    10. Rewatching your favorite shows.

    11. Savoring all your delicious drinks.

    12. Smoking then quitting smoking!

    13. Finding out what your pencil is made up of.

    14. Getting your tan on!

    15. Exercising!

    16. Finally learning to walk like a proper lady!

    17. Taking a drive to the grocery store!

    18. Remembering to send Dennis his birthday card!

    19. Somersaulting!

    20. Introducing yourself to the neighbors!

    21. Making that overdue dentist appointment!

    22. Catching up on your sleep! You deserve it.

    23. Geting up, going back to sleep.

    24. Getting your nails done because how are you supposed to WRITE with fingers that bleak?

    25. Procrastination time is also a great time to remember all the weird faces you're capable of making!

    26. Getting so excited about all the stuff you got done! So excited you can actually get your big project done!

    27. ...riiiight after one more little nap.