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    17 Dogs Who Just KNOW

    They know that you know that they what're you gonna do about it?

    1. When this pup knew what you were spelling out when you said "W-A-L-K" and he'd really like you to turn that spelling to action.

    2. This pup who accidentally saw your web history but he doesn't mind.

    3. When this pup saw all the other pups scrambling but knew you were the ones with the treats.

    4. This dog who looks like he doesn't know but he actually has the highest couture fashion draped around his neck.

    5. This guy who knows you deleted his recording of RHOA and will wait for you to fix it.

    6. This lady who knows you know she pooted but will not engage with your judgement.

    7. This one who knows you have treats in your pockets that you are not sharing.

    8. This one who will stare at you until you tell the truth about stalking your ex on social media.

    9. This one who knows you're always lyin'.

    10. This lady who knows you haven't showered in 3 days.

    11. This one who knows you're only taking a picture with him to get better results on Tinder.

    12. This one who knows you could share your dinner if you wanted to.

    13. This one who knows you have no idea what you're talking about in that twitter rant.

    14. When this one heard you tell your friend "you're on your way" but you still only have your underwear on.

    15. And this one who knows that you know he's the one who sharted so he really appreciates your discretion.

    16. This lady who knows you lied and said she ate your homework when in reality, she really, really hates paper.

    17. And finally, this one who knows you farted but that's okay cause she did too.