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There Is Now A GIF Award Show, In Case The Internet Needed To Explode More

This year marks the first annual GIFY Awards, an award show specifically for GIFs, and I was lucky enough to be a judge. Because anyone can vote (you should!), I felt pressure to nominate some top notch gifs. This was my journey...

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So when I first got the "call"*, I was ecstatic

*e-mail, obviously.

But as the excitement wore off, I began to get was I going to pick?

I began to feel unworthy of such a task!

Luckily, I managed to slap myself out of it.

Once I got that reality check, I knew I totally had this.

So, I searched high and low for my favorite GIFs.

Keeping in mind that the best GIFs are the ones that make you *feel* immediately.

Here are some of the contestants:

Some are my nominations and some are not because I am not a MONSTER and will not try to sway you one way or the other. I AM HONEST LIKE THAT, OKAY?

The classic puppy in a bowl is a nominee for the Animal Category.

But this is the internet, so cats get their own category.

This is a competitively selected GIF for the "Can't Look Away" category...

And of course, anything with Oprah is a fine contender for "GIF of the Year".

Basically, this the adorable, silly award show the internet didn't even know it asked for.

Now go vote! It's fun and open until January 28th!

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