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    Posted on Aug 6, 2013

    The Weirdest Dog On The Internet

    I think this would be my favorite dog if only I knew the breed.

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    Seriously, this is the weirdest dog I've ever seen.

    It gets walked on a leash. Can someone find me this lady and I can contact her to ask what kind of breed it is??

    It eats plants like a dog...

    It recognizes a fellow dog, seems happy, but what a strange movement.

    Next to a familiar puppy, it's actually not very good at being a dog at all.


    It puts itself in fake danger to act brave but we all know there's glass there. What a bad dog.

    It tries to be a bear sometimes? But like, what kind of dog would do that?

    I guess it's good to pet but there's something off...

    That is the weirdest puppy smile I have ever seen.

    It seems totally cool with this cat at such a young age. Very peculiar...

    Sure, it's good at "crazy dog," I'll give it that.

    It exhibits emotion like other dogs...

    ...but where's all the fur?

    Yet another one enjoys a cat? What the hell? What a bad dog.

    It walks funny, like more of a scoot. A taco scoot.

    Chubs and kisses suggest these pups are cousins but... I just don't think the one on the right knows how to dog as well.

    When it walks, it puts its butt in the air way more than any dog I've seen.

    Look how skeptical that Jackie is; even he has no idea what he's kissing.

    What a weird paw.

    Sources say they take longer to walk than other breeds. Look at that helpful lab — you can tell it's really trying his patience though.

    Could it be a hairless version of this dog?

    One thing's for sure: This dog doesn't know how to organize its toys...


    Just awful and frankly, a little selfish.

    ...or pose for a camera...

    ...or even get picked up properly.

    Guess you should "let sleeping dogs lie," but...

    ...this is just a terrible dog. What self-respecting dog crawls?

    Bad dog:

    Great dog:

    Here's a bad dog and a good dog:

    To reiterate, this is a very bad dog:

    This is a great dog:

    If anyone has information about this breed, please contact us ASAP.

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