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    Jun 14, 2013

    The Weekend Of A 20-Something, As Told By Cats

    Cheers to the freakin' weekend.

    Friday, 6PM: It's finally the weekend!!

    You're so excited because it's FRIDAY NIGHT!

    It's time to PARTY!

    Maybe you'll get lucky!

    7 PM: You get home and you're just gonna lay down for a second to get your second wind.

    8:30 PM: You wake up, realize what time it is but more importantly, that you are STARVING.

    9 PM: You've given up on going out and you order pizza.

    9:45 PM: Your friends start texting you, saying you're lame for staying in.

    You still could not feel any better about your decision.

    10:30 PM: You fall asleep pleased with yourself. Tomorrow you have all day to be productive.

    Saturday, 10 AM: Your alarm goes off but you're just not ready for it.

    11:30 AM: You just are going to give yourself 5 more minutes.

    Noon: You finally get up and decide to go to the gym.

    1:30 PM: You grab a quick bite to eat, you have a lot to do today after all!

    2 PM: You see your favorite TV Show is having a marathon!

    5:30 PM: You realize what time it is.

    5:45 PM: You contemplate cleaning but ultimately decide against it.

    After all, it's time to get ready to go out!

    7 PM: You and your friends decide to see a show.

    9 PM: You're winning at Karaoke with your friends.

    10:30 PM: Someone's getting fresh with you at the bar and it is time to leave.

    Midnight: You start to get embarrassing so you call it a night.

    1 AM: You fall asleep, satisfied with your Saturday night.

    Sunday, Noon: You wake up so hung over you wonder if this is what death feels like.

    1:30 PM: You remember you were supposed to call your parents.

    2:30 PM: You know your apartment is a mess and you need to clean up.

    3 PM: You contemplate the gym and suicide.

    3:30 PM: You remember you can sleep it off and the world feels better again.

    6 PM: You finally decide to eat dinner.

    7 PM: You realize tomorrow's Monday and get back in your pajamas.

    8PM: You decide the rest of your night is best spent playing video games.

    Midnight: Feeling great about your weekend, you decide to rest up for the week ahead.

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