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The Truth About Cheetohs

Part ocicat, part Bengal, all adorable, this relatively new breed is the coolest cat around.

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Cheetohs are not actually related to cheetahs.

While they can be described as "deliciously cute," they are not related to the delicious chip either.

Their lineage actually ties them to the Asian Leopard Cat.

Their coat and size gives them their name.


Males can weigh up to 23 lbs., much bigger than their ocicat and Bengal parents.

While they look like they can be found in the wild, they are more likely to be found in the sink...

...or hanging in an artistic shadow.

Despite their cheetah-like appearance, they are very gentle creatures.


They enjoy other types of cats.

Just like many cats, they are smart and sweet.

They're adorable as kittens.

And downright majestic as adults.


James Bond has one named Luna, so you know they're legit.

*Sean Connery, IRL
Courtesy Everett Collection

*Sean Connery, IRL

"They call me Cat."

"Cheetoh Cat."