The Trials And Tribulations Of Being The Youngest Child

OK, there were a lot of perks too.

1. Being the baby of the family can be pretty great…

2. Your best weapon to combat your older siblings was being cute for your parents and you knew it.

3. Although you learned over time that using this strategy was not the best…

4. Because the more you were babied…

5. …the more you were picked on.

6. You developed a good sense of humor from an early age.

“The youngest child in any family is always a jokemaker, because a joke is the only way he can enter into an adult conversation.” — Kurt Vonnegut

7. You got instant “cool” points for hanging out with older kids.*

*Even though your mom made your older sibling include you.

8. You knew all the cool music before everyone else.

9. Did you feel more sophisticated than your friends?

10. The more your siblings wanted nothing to do with you, the more you wanted them to like you.

11. Seriously, you were probably the most annoying thing your sibling ever met.

12. You just really wanted to be like them.

13. Your closet had its fair share of hand-me-downs even when you weren’t quite big enough to fit in them.

14. But sometimes this meant that you’d look and feel cooler than the other kids.

15. You desperately tried to keep up with your siblings, more than often failing miserably.

16. But it did make you try harder and you could eventually do things in your own way.

17. You often got talked into doing stupid things, hoping it would make you “cooler”…

19. Basically, you believed most of anything your older siblings told you.

You would even believe ice was the ultimate enemy if the words came from them.

20. Always the Robin, never the Batman.

21. When you started going to the same school, you were kind of an embarrassment…

22. But you always knew they had your back.

23. You were actually pretty confident going into school since you knew most of the teachers and your way around.

24. You got blamed for a lot of things.

25. Let’s be real though, you got away with most stuff.

26. How could you not?

27. You actually got away with a lot more than your siblings.

28. Your sibling sneaking back in after curfew:

29. You: “What’s a curfew?”

30. This laissez-faire attitude sometimes led to being forgotten from time to time.

But you were always remembered eventually!

31. Overall, being the baby of the family was pretty great.

32. Especially when you began to form more of a “united front.”

33. Your siblings were pretty patient when teaching you some of life’s most harrowing basics.

34. And were always there to comfort you when you really needed it.

35. Plus, it’s always fun being the cutest one in your family.

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