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The Story Of Christmas As Told By Sloths

A very basic retelling of the story.

Well, there was a lady named Mary who was engaged to a man named Joseph. They were hanging out in Nazareth, in love and doing their thing.

One day, the angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her she was pregnant with God's son and his name would be Jesus. Mary was shocked.

Joseph was understandably confused because he did not put that baby in there.

But another angel came to him in a dream to let him know that Mary was telling the truth.

At first Joseph was like "WHAT?" but the angel convinced him.

Despite being very pregnant, Joseph and Mary set to Bethlehem to register for the government-ordered census.

Once they got there, they were exhausted but the Inn was full.

Finally, they found a stable* and tucked themselves in for the night.

*Bucket represents the stable.

There, Mary gave birth to her son and placed him in a manger to sleep.

An angel appeared to some shepherds to announce the good news. They couldn't believe it and set on their way to meet this child.

When they got there they were so excited that this adorable baby was also the Messiah, that they set out to spread the word.

Three magi then joined, bearing gifts for the infant.

Then they all rejoiced in this magical baby and Christmas was born...