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42 Bear GIFs That Will Give You Life In 2014

They're cute, they're magical, they're everything you need.

1. This tickle monster.

2. This bear who just needs this, thank you very much.

3. This rocking horse delight.

4. This bear who will wave to you even if he has no idea who the hell you are.

5. This late night boogier.

6. This little cub, terrified on his first day of preschool.

7. This guy who's still learning the proper way to flirt.

8. This rolly poly.

9. These escape artists with their cute little tushes.

10. This guy who subscribes to the motto, "go big or go home"

11. This lady who cannot believe what she did last night.

12. This rock star.


14. This panda slide because...panda slide, man.

15. This adorable frolicking duo.

16. This love train.

17. This girl having more fun than anyone else in the world.

18. This professional tetherball player.

19. This sleepy panda.

20. This guy who knows how to turn a clumsy mistake into a fun ride.

21. This animated bear who just doesn't care.

22. This brother pranking his unsuspecting sister.

23. This champ who knows how get down even when he's sleepy.

24. This bear who doesn't need anyone to amuse himself.

25. This bear who just can't wait to be king.

26. This bear who is all of us on Monday morning.

27. This bear who brought the stank in.

28. This snoozin' bear pair.

29. This bear who deserves more than this flakey, untrustworthy human.

30. This bear who knows how to make a commute more fun.

31. This dancing bear...

32. ...who started this dance party.

33. This kid who just won't stop sneezin'.

34. And this bear who knows how to make a mistaken "hello" seem like regular ol' dance moves.

35. Oh, and this badass fisherman.

36. This ninja bear.

37. This genius honey lover.

38. This guy trying to get his mom's attention.

39. This most epic bear fail.

40. This sleepy sun bear with his weirdo tongue.

41. These two who know a thing or two about some R+R.

42. And these guys who just want to wave goodbye and thank you for stopping by!