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The 40 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2013

An ode to the dogs who made us feel better about ourselves this year.

40. This dog who refused to take a good family picture.

39. This guy who got cut from the baseball team immediately after this photo was taken.

38. This gal who mistakenly thought this was the best way to get let back in the house.

37. This champion.

36. This dog who got a little too curious.

35. This awkward butt situation.

34. This dog who insisted on maintaining eye contact every time he took a dump this year.

33. This.

32. This strange dancer.

31. This husky who just wants you to see how clean his teeth are.

30. This guy who never asks what YOU do in your free time.

29. This dog who forgot how to catch.

28. This dog who still hasn't wrapped his head around the concept of "too big."

27. This guy who ended up in the back of the wrong car.

26. This dog who just wants to be a sk8er boi.

25. This guy who doesn't care if you think he's being "rude" or "awkward."

24. This Chihuahua who made a huge mistake but is too proud to admit it.

23. This guy who insisted on watching TV like this even though it makes everyone uncomfortable.

22. This dog who has no idea how he got here but he wants out.

21. This dog who refused to go through the other door, making his kids embarrassed every.time.

20. This dog who had no concept of "space" or "doorways."

19. This dog who isn't even shocked, she just looks like this.

18. This guy who tried to start a new trend but it just wasn't happening.

17. This dog who saw Gigli for the first time this year.

16. The uninvited pizza guest who just wanted to stare you down every time you had a slice.

15. This dog who was caught trying to catch a ride.

14. The dog who will take the training wheels off when he's damn well ready, OK?

13. This potted plant.

12. This failed father-son game of catch.

11. These hungover messes, who made everyone at the wedding feel awkward.

10. This dog who forgot what was real and what was fake.

9. This once-promising athlete.

8. This dachshund who got a little too cozy in a sweatshirt.

7. This awkward "hug, handshake or kiss on the cheek?" situation.

6. This smart, if awkward problem solver.

5. This pug who regrets ever letting you talk him into this.

4. This pup who got trapped in a bowl and couldn't get out, summarizing why puppies are the best.

3. This awkwardly adorable smile that melts hearts at a moment's notice.

2. The first dog ever to get confused by a treat.

1. Finally, this dog trying not to sneeze.