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    The 41 Most Awkward Cats Of 2014

    Never, in the history of time, have cats been more relatable.

    1. This cat who is us at office parties.

    2. Setsu-Chan when he falls asleep.

    3. This cat chowing down.

    4. This cat who just wanted to sit down.

    5. This cat who is just so excited for Christmas.

    6. This very focused drinker.

    7. This cat who realized her couch was alive a little too late.

    9. This cat who decided to get brave and go outside and deeply regretted it.

    10. This little guy who dealt it and then really, really smelt it.

    Chelsea Marshall

    11. This guy who insisted on greeting houseguests at the window.

    12. This cat caught trying to take a bath.

    13. This cat who could not hang.

    14. This purrito.

    15. These two teenagers.

    16. This cat who just...uh...wanted to make sure you packed everything.

    17. This cat who married a banana.

    18. This cat who overreacted to his surprise party.

    19. This little cross-eyed dear.

    20. Whatever is going on here.

    21. This sneezer.

    22. This cat who just couldn't figure out how to use a ladder.

    23. This cat who was had one too many times.

    24. This horrific sight.

    25. This dude on his first day of school.

    26. This cat who just couldn't with his family.

    27. This cat who couldn't quite cat.

    28. This cat who found his likeness and didn't know how he felt about it.

    29. This cat who got kicked out of many establishments for this behavior.

    30. This cat who had no chill.

    31. This creeper.

    32. This cat who was embarrassingly excited for Thanksgiving.

    33. This cat who ruined his own date night.

    34. This cat giving directions.

    35. This cat who just found out he's the pet.

    36. This cat who became very obsessed with the Fat app this year.

    37. This cat who just wanted to frame his features but ended up with this look instead.

    38. This cat who leapt and...fell.

    39. This cat who is trying to be very, very calm about his huge mistake.

    40. This cat who just could not complete a simple string heist.

    41. And finally, this cat who ran into a glass door on television.

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