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The 17 Funniest Dog Pranks

Ranked by originality, follow-through and overall cuteness.

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1. The Ding Dong Door Ditch

Hilarious every time. The dog get some points here for being a good guard dog, but this is the third time his human has done it. Less points because it is being performed by a human, not a dog.

Prank Rank:6

3. The Snack Time Disappointment

So, this is kind of brilliant: Carl, the bigger dog here, put the snack just out of reach of his little brother, Bernard. Carl then walks up and takes it likes it's no big deal. While a funny and new take on glueing a quarter to the sidewalk, points have been docked for being a little mean.

Prank Rank:6

4. The Fake Forcefield

This is creative and no one gets hurt. It involves a lot of groundwork: The small dog has had to show the big dog an actual glass door for the past few weeks, leading up to this very moment when it is taken out without the big dog knowing.

Prank Rank: 8


7. The Drag and Stand

This one, while hilarious, gets docked a point because it makes people worry at first. However, his commitment to his craft is absolutely stunning.

Prank Rank: 9

8. The Prankster Becomes the Prankee

No points given to the human who was a huge jerk. All points given to the dog who turned the tables, remained cool, and then made sure his friend was OK. While not a hugely thought-out prank, extra points given for thinking on his paws and general sportsmanship.

Prank Rank:8


9. The Bait and Switch

This prank takes tapping someone's shoulder and moving to a new level because it involves a clear gain for the pranker. Just a simple distraction and the little guy gets his food. If he keeps this up, the confusion of the big dog will be even funnier when all his food is gone much faster than he anticipated.

Prank Rank:9

10. The Boop n Run

This prank loses points because it's only funny if a dog does it. However, because it is a dog, it is comes from a silly, harmless place of just wanting to boop and run. Well done, friend.

Prank Rank:3

11. New Teeth

LOLOL This pug told his friends he got punched in the mouth and had to get new teeth. Extra points for backstory and follow through. Plus, he looks great.

Prank Rank: 7


13. The Ball Teeth Gag

While not as good as the pug's fake teeth, this is a very charming trick that requires some skill. Humans can achieve this look, replacing tennis balls with grapes. Some extra points because this guy showed us his method.

Prank Rank: 6

14. The Microphone Vacuum Switcharoo

This prank was done by a dog off camera. He told his friend he got a new mic for their band practice and then BOOM it was a vacuum. Hilarious for all parties involved.

Prank Rank: 8

17. Finally, the best prank of them all: The Mop Transformer

This is so perfect. Both dogs accomplish this prank so well and undoubtedly startled whoever thought they were mops. EXEMPLARY PRANK, GENTS.

Prank Rank:10