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    The 23 Best Outfits At Brooklyn's Internet Cat Video Film Festival

    The fashion was purrfect when the internet cat video film festival came to a Brooklyn club. We all need to up our cat outfit game.

    23. Extra-pointy cat ears.

    22. This nose feature.

    21. Cute kitty skirt.

    20. Cool but slightly creepy cat mask.

    19. The band Supercute's super-cute cat outfits.

    18. This T-shirt.

    17. Cat hat.

    16. Rad bag.

    15. Whiskers and rawring.

    14. This guy.

    13. This actual cat accessory.

    12. This amazing psychedelic sweater.

    11. Cat pants + cat shirt + big smile = -purrrrrfect.

    10. This gorgeous sweater.

    9. Galaxy cat.

    8. The coolest jacket ever made.

    7. Matching hoodies!

    The paws are especially important.

    6. Kitty in Paris.

    5. Betsy Bushytail and friend.

    4. Mother and daughter cool cats.

    3. The best cat sweater.

    2. The best cat shirt.

    1. This guy's sweater (and beard).