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    Posted on Aug 12, 2013

    The Baddest Bitch On Orange Is The New Black

    It's so easy to forget about the strong, silent type in such a zoo. Here's an homage to all the times the best character in the series, Little Boo, was amazing.

    1. When Little Boo first walked into the prison like a motha fuckin' FORCE.

    2. And everyone else was the Bitch because this pup deserves respect.

    3. When she brought inmates and officers together.

    4. And Little Boo looked around in shock like we all would.


    We are 99.9% sure this was her inner dialogue.

    5. But then she realized some of these ladies were nice and she smiled.

    6. When Big Boo named her and she held her tongue despite thinking...

    Again, we are 99.9% this was her inner dialogue.

    7. But we all know which of these Boo's would survive Prison.

    The original doesn't have a shot.

    8. When she taught the inmates a thing or two about love and compassion:

    Really, Little Boo's working on her.

    9. When Little Boo listened even though it hurt when she was just talking about the picture of Denzel. / Via

    "Hello? I'm here too so you don't have to be alone anymore."

    10. When Little Boo rolled her eyes at the girls for making demeaning jokes.

    11. When Little Boo was like "What the fuck? Dogs can't have corn on the cob, Big Boo but thanks for the gesture, I guess."

    12. When she had enough of them complaining about Red's cooking.

    13. Can't wait to see this heartbreaker keep it real next season.

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