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The 65 Most Dramatically Cute Moments Of A Farmyard Costume Contest

Every year, the Dutchess County Fair hosts an epic costume contest among its 4-H farm animals in Rhinebeck, NY. The result is dramatic, intense, and 100% adorable.

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24. Tensions were high as each barn prepared for the next day's contest...

Chelsea Marshall / Via

26. There were rumors that no pigs were in the costume contest but it was hard to get a straight answer.

Chelsea Marshall / Via

27. This reporter thought pigs might be "too beautiful."

Chelsea Marshall / Via

32. One former winner had some pretty good advice for calves.

Chelsea Marshall / Via

"Just have fun."

62. Some cows called the contest a shame since no cows even placed.

Chelsea Marshall / Via

All the animals pictured are part of the 4-H program, which aims to teach children about agriculture and farming in a hands-on environment. The children pick from a variety of farm animals and learn the proper way to care for them: with love and respect. Throughout the Dutchess County Fair, the children camp out with their farm animals, to keep them company throughout the night!

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