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The 38 Most Majestic Pugs Of 2014

They didn't choose the pug life, but it certainly made 2014 way better.

1. Penny won the Tour de France!

2. These two love pugs showed everyone what true love looked like.

3. The pugs who helped this man live his best life. / Via

4. Barry reminded us the importance of living your best life.

5. This pug who invented a new way to say hello.

6. This pug who got a little too pumped for the camera.

7. Daryl who didn't have a pool to lounge in so he made due.

8. This pug who knows just how to appreciate a ball pit.

9. This pug who got his 90's sleepover on.

10. This pug who deserves an award for all the crap he put up with this year.

11. Georgia who honestly stole the show in this picture.

12. These two who redefined what it means to be a pugtato.

13. This pug who successfully turned into a little gentleman.

14. A pug in a tutu. I repeat: A PUG IN A TUTU.

View this video on YouTube

15. Weezer who frickin' nailed it. Nailed all of it.

16. Doug the pug who became a mentor for a little bebe pug.

17. Danica who has a permanent outline of herself.

18. This majestic delight of a pugpkin.

19. This rando pug who made these two human's vacation picture instantly better.

20. For the first time in history, a pug stood up to a kitten.

21. Tug the Pug who set the record for longest lasting smile (ALL YEAR, HE SMILED ALL YEAR.)

22. This pug who life hacked the crap out of hiking.

23. This pug who revealed the truth about pugs.

24. This pug who successfully protested shoes.

25. This Pugg who redefined comfort in 2014.

26. Lenny, who kept his eye on the prize.

27. Mamma Biscuit, all day every day.

28. This pug who survived another family reunion.

29. This pug who REALLY understood the end of the week struggle.

30. This Paranormal Pug.

View this video on YouTube

31. This guy who is all of us when your friend puts a song you don't really love on.

32. This pug who bravely warned other pugs at the vet how their temperature was taken.

33. Roxy who inspired us all to be more adventurous.


34. This King Pug

35. This pug who perfected the loungin' with bae selfie.

36. This champion snorer...

37. ...and his entire super family.

38. Finally, the pugs who stampeded into our hearts.

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