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    The 17 Greatest Wedding Photobombers Of All Time

    Done by the masters of the photobomb: animals, of course.

    1. This lurking llama. / Via

    Everyone told the groom not to invite his ex to the wedding.

    2. This horse just wanted this lady's legs to look their best on her wedding day.

    3. This beluga who gets so emotional at weddings she blacks out and doesn't even realize she's ruining photo ops.

    4. Larry, the horse, who just wants everyone to see how much yellow brings out the color of his eyes.

    5. Weddings just get them in the mood.

    6. This horse doesn't believe in patriarchy and made sure the bride seemed naturally taller than the groom.

    7. Fernando was pissed he got fired from being the ring bearer.

    8. She really thought everyone showed up to congratulate her on pooping outside the box.

    9. This pup who did NOT hold his peace and when no one listened, had no choice but to continue his protest.

    10. Steve just wanted to be one of the girls.

    11. This meerkat took his job as the sole witness very, very seriously.

    12. That sloth took all day to climb the tree for this photobomb. Show some respect.

    13. Soon.

    14. The beluga on the left didn't mean to photobomb but the one on the top has been practicing that creepy smile for weeks.

    15. Welp.

    Via Vicki Lea Boulter /

    16. Esther's just trying to figure out her new camera.

    17. Petey's is the best: he has perfected the perfect, subtle photobomb.

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