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    17 Puppies Out-Puppying Themselves

    Is it even possible for them to be anything but?

    1. This pup living his best dang life.

    2. And this one who is confused by your games.

    3. This adventurer who just wants to know where the snoring's coming from.

    4. This sweetheart barking at his own hiccups.

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    5. And this little lady who just wants her mom to play.

    6. This smoosh learning how to sit.

    7. This not-so-little guy waiting for his carrot.

    8. This feisty escape artist.

    9. This sleepy nugget.

    10. Sweet lil' Chloe.

    11. This aspiring painter.

    12. And this very polite smoosh.

    13. These two gentlemen having a very important business meeting.

    14. This puppy who just wants his brothers to wake up for the party.

    15. This very fuzzy helper.

    16. This little pouncing dumpling.

    17. And finally, this pup who wants to know why your heart is melting!