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32 Reasons Every Day Should Be National Dog Day

Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, but let's be real: EVERY day should be dog day.

1. It's just fact: Dogs are the best thing this world has to offer.

2. They are just the most adorable creatures...

3. ...and they are ALWAYS excited to see you.

4. They can be very helpful.

5. And they show us just how cute it is to snuggle up with your best friend.

6. They know how to make the best out of every situation.

7. They're not afraid to make you laugh.

8. They are resourceful when it comes to carpooling.

9. They have the most adorably awkward smiles.

10. And they're ALWAYS up for a goofy photo session.

11. They're cool with cuddling up and staying in...

12. ...and will totally help you out at the store.

13. They show what real commitment to exercise is like.

14. Their love simply sees no bounds.

15. They're excellent friends to each other...

16. ...and are always up for cosplay.

17. They make the absolute BEST older sibling.

18. Or twin.

19. They are also weirdly excellent drivers.

20. They ALWAYS give much-deserved welcome-homes.

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21. They are the cause of roughly 65% of smiles around the world.

22. They are the BEST moms.

23. (Seriously, the best.)

24. And they are ready to protect from day one.

25. This is basically the cutest thing to ever happen so I'll just leave this here, thank you.

26. They understand how you feel when everyone sings "Happy Birthday."

27. And grace the world with their beautiful, inspiring tummies.

28. They can be just as lazy as you.

29. They know you need love even if you don't know it yet.

30. They're not afraid to look silly to have a good time.

31. Basically, dogs are ALWAYS the best ever, not just today...

32. And they deserve all the hugs in the world!