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A 17-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Brought His Puppy All The Way To Greece

"I love my dog. I need him."

On Saturday, the U.N. Refugee Agency posted a video of a young Syrian man named Aslan and his dog, Rose.

Facebook: video.php

The two fled Damascus, Syria, to arrive on the Greek island, Lesbos, part of the recent wave of refugees into Europe.

It's hard to imagine what the two have been through together. Aslan estimates he walked around 500 kilometers (over 310 miles!) with his pup.

Facebook: UNHCR

All he brought with him was a small bag and, of course, Rose.

Rose even has her own passport.

Some people have questioned why he would bring Rose, but Aslan doesn't mind -- he has what he needs for the two to survive.

"I love this dog. I need him," he says.

<3 Aslan and Rose forever <3

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