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31 Times Cats Were Good People

They may want you to think they're all sass but underneath all that fur, cats have the biggest hearts of them all.

1. This cat kissing a baby.

2. This cat who really wants to snuggle.

3. This cat who is all about giving this dog a little TLC.

4. This cat who knew mom needed some sleep so she rocked this baby until she stopped crying.

5. These two cat bodyguards.

6. This cat who wasn't sure what that bunny was but gave him a little kiss anyways.

7. This professional day trip napper.

8. This cat who knows a person in need of a hug when she sees one.

9. This extremely patient kitty.

10. This nap time protector.

11. This snuggle kitty.

12. This cat who's all about the boop and hug.

13. This cat who patiently plays dress up with his little sister.

14. This cat who gets VERY homesick at sleepovers.

15. This cat giving her husband a nice back rub at the end of the day.

16. These two senior cuddlers.

17. These two.

18. This cat who gives love to even the prickliest of exteriors.

19. This cat who gently wakes her loved one up every morning.

20. This kitten who's not afraid to love another species.

21. This cat who has earned the ultimate trust of this mouse.

22. This cat who shocked this dog with her kindness.

23. This cat who loves the simplest of life's delights.

24. This cat who always asks if she can cuddle before she goes in for it.

25. This cat who loves taking care of her baby.

26. This kitten who is always sure to give her mama extra kisses before they go to sleep.

27. This cat who is willing to share her sunspot for some grade A cuddles.

28. This cat who just wants to keep her new best friend company.

29. This cat who is ALWAYS up for a hug.

30. This cat who proves, even in sleep, cats are big ol' softies.

31. BRB, going to go grab some tissues now.

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