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17 Ways Sugar Pig Is The Cute You Need Today

As if someone named Sugar Pig could be anything but sweet!

1. This is Sugar Pig.

2. She just plain EXUDES joy.

3. She loves milk.

4. She knows the best ways to nap.

5. And isn't ashamed of doin' that napping anywhere.

6. It's quite the skill.

7. At parties, she's not above making herself laugh in the corner.

8. She's a master of puppy dog eyes.

9. Her tummy might not even be real, it's THAT cute.

10. She pulls off a strong red lip.

11. She's not afraid of gettin' goofy!

12. She's extremely fierce if she feels like it.

13. But knows how to show her sweet side.

14. She's all about that winter snuggle.

15. Even the way she eats pears is adorable!

16. (and whatever the heck this is)

17. So, whatever your day was like, take a deep breath and smile with Sugar Pig.


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