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The 31 Golden Retrievers Who Won 2015

2015 was a golden year.

1. This golden who nailed school picture day.

2. This furry dude who has a striking resemblance to Harrison Ford.

4. This gentle furball.

5. This gal determined to get her GED.

6. This mediator who just wants everyone to get along.

7. This little guy who was just trying to help out with chores.

8. This sassy snoozer.

9. This buddy who never wants to see his best pals cry.

10. And this guy who isn't asleep! He's just resting his eyes.

11. This first-time swimmer.

12. And these two who understand the importance of having a paddle buddy.

13. This fellow who knows just how to calm down an aggravated customer.

14. This mom teaching her son how to swim.

15. And this golden who won "Employee of the Year" for both her expertise and patience.

16. This champion who just never got the hang of catching.

17. And this one who definitely got the hang of napping anywhere, anytime.

18. This group of goldens who waited patiently to find out who the good dog was.

19. This buddy who very generously shared his stick with his new brother.

20. This girl who found a new and fun way to get her toy from her brother.

21. And this handsome fellow who REALLY got into the St. Paddy's Day spirit.

22. This service pup in training who FINALLY got to meet Mickey.

23. This babysitter and his colorful squad.

24. These two who really lucked out on having a human who built them a kayak.

25. And this one who lucked out and made friends with the ice cream guy.

26. These two who proved that goldens are adorable as babies AND as grown-ups.

27. This gentleman bringing plants for his date like a champion.

28. This golden who holds the key to success.

29. This sly pup who doesn't mind if you just farted 'cause he did too.

30. This pup who just wanted to make sure you heard him saying hello from the other side.

31. And finally, this one who is ready to run into the new year!