What Animals Want You To Know About Sleep Deprivation

The Huffington Post released 8 ways that lack of sleep is killing you. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to remedy it. These animals will help you feel better as you hear about your impending doom.

1. Less Than 6 Hours of Sleep= 4X Risk of Stroke

Those risk chances are nowhere near as cute as these 4 ducks.

2. It Can Cause Obesity

The hedgehog owns it but he’s accepted his fate

3. And Diabetes

No more cake for you

4. Increased Forgetfulness/General Confusion is Common

There’s no way you’re this cute looking for your keys.

5. Sleep Can Even Damage Your Bones??

He knows he should’ve slept more.

6. No Sleep=Mo’ Cancer

There are many cures though. Like Sleep.

7. Broken Hearts* Happen on No Sleep

*Heart Attacks happen but a broken heart sounds much more romantic, doesn’t it? Better to have loved and lost…

8. And General Death*. So do this instead:

And try and live longer. Life’s too short to stay awake all the time!

*Seriously, their last way sleep deprivation will kill you was just that…you will die.

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