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21 Signs Your Cat Is "Single White Femaling" You

Sometimes you have to step back and ask yourself: is my cat taking over my life??

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1. You've caught her mimicking your facial expressions in the mirror.

2. And she's been trying on your style for months.

3. When you catch her in your stuff, she just gives you this little smile.

4. She gets very mad if you even look at another cat.


5. You are never alone, not even in the shower.

6. She ~gets close~ to your significant others...

7. ...but is increasingly distant towards you.

8. She studies your every move.


9. You've found these kinds of pictures on your phone.

What does it mean?? Oh, your life is about to be taken over.

What does it mean?? Oh, your life is about to be taken over.

10. She is slowly taking over your wardrobe using the perfect combo of cat fur and disdain.

11. You've woken up on more than one occasion to this:

12. You've overheard her rehearsing some of your jokes and when you ask her what she's doing, she gives you this look:


13. It seems every time you look behind you, you see this:

14. She makes a point out of breaking your stuff...

15. ...but when you ask her why, she completely evades the question.

16. She has increasingly taken over things that do not belong to her.


17. She takes all of your yogurt.

18. She threatens you subtly, by showing what she's capable of destroying.

19. She is more and more elaborate with her traps.

SO elaborate, in fact, that you tell your friends you put them there for her but you know the truth.

20. Now that she's fully adopted your style, your friends have a harder and harder distinguishing the two of you.

21. Finally, and most frightening of all, she stares at you like this as she whispers her love for you.

It's only a matter of time.

It's only a matter of time.