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24 Signs Your Person Thinks You're Human

Are you pampered, talked to and celebrated? Chances are, your human thinks you're a human too.

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1. You ride around in a stroller.

Vadim Ghirda / AP

2. Or a car seat.

3. You have a seat at the dinner table.

4. They try to read you bedtime stories.

5. Or worse! Expect you to read to them.

6. They put glasses on you while you're sleeping.

7. You didn't grow hair so they bought you a wig.

8. They take you to a nail salon.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

9. And regular spa days.

10. You got pearls for Christmas.

11. You get elaborate birthday parties.

Complete with cake.

12. They make you celebrate Easter.


13. You took the school bus to Kindergarten.

14. And they were so proud when you graduated.

15. They dress you up for a job you'll never have.

16. You had an arranged marriage.

17. You have an outfit for every occasion.

18. You enjoy vistas comfortably.

19. They make sure you're ready for anything.

20. They draw you a bubble bath on the regular.

21. You're the center of the family portrait.

22. They make sure you stay modest in the pool.

23. They confuse you with a very famous human.

24. You're spoon-fed ice cream.

If your human exhibits any of these signs, you could call a help line...

But you might as well celebrate your lucky lot in life.

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