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27 Signs You Are A Shiba Inu

Or, signs you are a sassy introvert.

1. When people describe you, "Sassy" is the first adjective that comes to mind.

2. You pride yourself on being extremely independent.

Flickr: 23244282@N00 / Creative Commons

3. But it does not get in the way of family loyalty.

4. Sure, you can be a *tad* dramatic.

5. And maybe a little moody.

6. But hey, you cheer up millions with your smile.

7. AND you can be very sympathetic.

8. But are super cool with giving side-eye when necessary.

9. You are adventurous.

10. You probably looked like a bear when you were a baby.

An adorable little bear.

11. You generally like your quiet time...

12. ...but can be extremely vocal when necessary.

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13. In a jam? You get creative with your rides.

14. You generally like socializing with others...

15. ...but enjoy (and prefer!) having fun by yourself.

16. You are silly.

17. You are extremely stylish.

18. You like Doge but you resent anyone who assumes all shibas speak that way.

19. You know the rules of etiquette.

20. But don't take them *too* seriously.

Chelsea Marshall

21. You can be very affectionate...

22. ...but only on your own terms.

23. This causes many to misunderstand you...

24. Which can sometime bum you out.

25. But hey, it helps narrow down the people that are actually important.

26. And once that gets figured out, you can be the happiest being around.

27. And if nothing else, you are undeniably adorable.

P.S. It's always great to adopt! You can find many shibas and shiba mixes on Pet Finder or you can check out some Shiba specific shelters like NYC Shiba Rescue.

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