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    18 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Evolving

    When the cats evolve to their full potential, no one is safe.

    1. This cat who learned how to read.

    2. And this one who has learned how to toilet.

    3. This cat's ability to truly emote is pretty incredible.

    4. This cat just sitting like a human, casually.

    5. And this guy, also acting like it's no big deal.

    6. Seriously, we should be concerned about how nonchalant they are about this.

    7. This cat who developed LIPS.

    8. And this cat who learned how to code.

    9. And this cat who knows how to set up a good look-out spot.

    10. And this cat who combined newly learned look-out and sitting abilities.

    11. This highly skilled beast...

    12. ...who clearly trained this cat.

    13. This cat who figured out where the laser is from.

    14. This cat who shows she knows what she wants and gets it.

    15. And this one who can open doors.

    16. It's only a matter of time until this one tells everyone our darkest secret...

    17. ...and after that, they will no doubt conspire against us.


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