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Sid the Beagle is Almost TOO CUTE FOR WORDS

Take a deep breath, you're going to need it to get through this CUTESPLOSION

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This is Sid the Beagle. He is a god among men, a leader among dogs, and an all around magical chill dude.

First of all, Sid ~understands~ your deep love of pizza...

...oh, and definitely burgers.

Sid knows A LOT of tricks...

...and is not afraid to say those three magic words.

He is the most inspiring of zen masters.

AND he even ran for mayor!

IDK if he won the election but he definitely won the mayoral seat OF MY HEART.

Ever seen a beagle fly a kite??

Thank you for being the most wonderful of creatures, Sid!

Sid and his human are having a photo exhibit in Austin, Texas! Anyone who's there should go check it out.

(and definitely follow them on Instagram too!!)