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Sid the Beagle is Almost TOO CUTE FOR WORDS

Take a deep breath, you're going to need it to get through this CUTESPLOSION

This is Sid the Beagle. He is a god among men, a leader among dogs, and an all around magical chill dude.

First of all, Sid ~understands~ your deep love of pizza...

...and bacon...

...and hot dogs...

...oh, and definitely burgers.

Sid knows A LOT of tricks...

...and is not afraid to say those three magic words.

He is the most inspiring of zen masters.

AND he even ran for mayor!

~so wise~

Chillest. dog. ever.

Ever seen a beagle fly a kite??

Thank you for being the most wonderful of creatures, Sid!

Sid and his human are having a photo exhibit in Austin, Texas! Anyone who's there should go check it out.

(and definitely follow them on Instagram too!!)