Shaq Poses With A Sea Lion And The Result Is An Epic Lesson In Friendship

Here’s a breakdown of why it’s so special.

1. This is the beautiful picture that shows Shaq and his Sea Lion: best friends, confidants, spirit animals.

2. First, let’s give them props for picking a background that complimented the both of them.

3. Shaq is actually not sitting, the Sea Lion is just that tall.

There is no evidence suggesting this.

4. Let’s take a closer look at their matching smiles, complete with a matching 5 o’clock shadow.


5. And their glistening muscles, that shine so brightly together.


6. Their right eyes, peering into your soul.


7. Their adorable ears, waiting to hear about your day.


8. Look at the tenderness that Shaq handles his bro.

9. The care!

10. Nope, that “S” isn’t for Shaq or Superman. It’s for “Sea Lion,” his BFF.

The Seal to his left, not thing singer.

11. Congrats, Boys. It is hard to find a friendship like this these days.

CORRECTION: It’s a sea lion. A previous version of this post mistook Shaq’s bro for a different animal. (9/13/13)

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