Scientific Proof Dog Lovers Make Great Friends

You’ve heard the merits of cat owners and now it’s dog owners’ time to shine. So go give the dog lovers in your life a hug cause here are 19 reasons dog lovers are the best of the best.

1. They’re super fun at parties.

They’re 15% more likely to be extroverts.

2. They’re smart.

They’re 28% more likely to be students.

3. They may be more likely to detect cancer early.

One study found that some dogs naturally sniff out cancer. If they can’t, they can be trained in a mere three hours.

4. They know the value of a little R & R.

Dog owners are typically less stressed than their cat-owning counterparts.

5. They can always google something for you.

They’re 23% more likely to be iPhone users.

6. They have great taste in their Beatles.

They’re 18% more likely to prefer Paul.

Keystone-France / Getty Images

7. They’ll give you a hug when you need it most.

Typically, dog owners are more nurturing.

8. They love children.

They’re 24% more likely to have kids.

9. They’re supportive.

They’re more likely to be “team players.”

10. They love to laugh.

They’re 30% more likely to enjoy slapstick humor and impressions.

11. They’re responsible.

They’re 28% more likely to own their own home.

12. They’re more personable.

They’re 11% more likely to know their neighbors by name.

13. But mostly, dog people make great friends because you may get to hang out with this guy:

14. Maybe you’d even get to cuddle like this:

15. Or have an important meeting like this:

16. Maybe you’d even get to play a little catch.

17. Basically, having a dog-owning friend means you get two friends in one.

18. There’s only one thing better than that…

19. Having a dog of your own to greet you like this every day.

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