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You Have To Meet The Most Adorable Two Legged Kitten

Like a fuzzier, cuddlier, real-life T. rex.

1. It's about time you meet Roux, the amazing two-legged cat.

2. Beautiful Roux was born without her front legs, but that doesn't stop her from doing her thing.

3. (And don't you dare suggest anything different.)

4. She spends her days lounging...

5. ...contemplating the mysteries of the universe...

6. ...and lounging some more.

7. Mostly, she's an amazing cutie every moment of every day.

8. And she's very good at giving kisses.

9. ~Like a T. rex but way better~

10. Look at that poise!

11. That earnest look that lets you know everything will be OK!

12. So casual, so wise, so profoundly adorable!

13. 😍😍😍

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